Kate Middleton Shows Good Mothering Skills With Sick Girl

kate middletonWe don't need to tell you that Kate Middleton is gorgeous. You've seen the pictures. And we don't need to tell you that Kate Middleton is a class act. You saw the wedding. But we do need to tell you that Kate Middleton is unequivocally going to make a wonderful mother. Because now we have indisputable proof.

Diamond Marshall, 6, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy and radiation for an abdominal tumor, lit up inside and out after flinging herself into the Duchess' arms after winning the meet and greet through a charity. Kate, lighting up in a different way, was moved to tears by the girl, who showered her with gifts and a mini bouquet.

The tears. The embrace. The complete and total happiness Catherine clearly brought little Diamond. Does this remind you of anyone?


Princess Diana, of course. Somehow, some way, it seems that all of Lady Di's poise, compassion, and grace have been magically passed down to Kate. And it's a beautiful thing, because it's exactly what the world (and her inevitable children) needs right now. She is the perfect person to look up to and -- as cheesy as it sounds -- a born role model.

But it's not just witnessing Kate's interaction with children first hand (are photos considered first hand?) that makes us think she'll make a fine mother. It's the fact that she seems so ... normal. And she already admitted to wanting a family of her own.

Oh, you haven't heard? It's true. She said it. Make what you want of it, but to me, it's as good as a sonogram. Look at the little nose!

Here's the dirt: While touring Quebec City, Kate was presented with a bouquet by another adorable youngster, Raffaela, who was with her father, David Cheater. According to Cheater, after Kate complimented him on his daughter, he thanked her and wished her and Prince William well with starting their own family. To which she replied, "Yes, I hope to."

Right? It's totally going to happen soon! And if it doesn't, well, at least we know that it's not too far off. And at least we know that Kate isn't scared by the thought of having children at 29. And we're glad. Because, like we said, she's going to be fantastic at it.

Does Catherine remind you of Princess Di? Do you think she'll be a good mum?


Image via WPA Pool/Getty

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