Keenan Cahill Challenges Mini Warbler for Best 'Glee' Guest (VIDEOS)

Keenan Cahill Darren Criss Jenna UshkowitzIt seems Glee has been getting as much play on YouTube this summer as it does on an average Tuesday night during the regular season. Video of the show's stars Darren Criss, Dianna Agron, Harry Shum Jr., and Jenna Ushkowitz, helping midwestern teen Keenan Cahill perform his favorite Katy Perry tune, makes lip syncing forgivable. And of course there's little Kellen Mirador Sarmiento, aka the Mini-Warbler, who has turned the black jacket with the red piping into a style statement.


Between the two kids, Glee's gotten millions of hits on YouTube (literally MILLIONS) ... and all the extra publicity they can handle. So it only seems fair that they give these kids a little tit for tat, maybe bring them on the show? Let's take a look at these kids and see who has a better shot at appearing:

Keenan Cahill:

Points for his appearance: He's already caught the attention of mega stars. Katy Perry invited him onstage to sing along with one of her songs, and folks like 50 Cent jump at the chance to "duet" with him on his videos. That kind of following can generate viewership, but it helps that at 16, Cahill is the perfect age to be worked into a storyline on the show -- after all, he's the same age as most of the New Directions themselves. And with Glee's focus on giving America's kids someone to identify with, Cahill is a perfect fit. Afflicted with an extremely rare genetic metabolic disorder called Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome, his appearance on the show would be a great way to connect with kids who have some sort of special need.

Kellen Mirador Sarmiento (the Mini-Warbler):

Points for his appearance: Let's face it, this little boy is so cute it's hard to look at him and say "no" to him ... about anything. Admittedly, he's a harder sell. He's only a little kid, so putting him in high school is impossible. But with his own Warblers outfit (handmade by his grandma!), Sarmiento could easily be snuck in as Darren Criss' young cousin or appear in a "young glee club." The folks at Fox wouldn't even have to spring for wardrobe!

This is TOUGH. Maybe the videos will help us decide. Here's Keenan:

And here's Kellen:

Who do you think would make a better fit for Glee as a guest?


Image via YouTube

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