'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Burlesque as Bankruptcy Therapy

Sonja MorganWhen faced with bankruptcy and losing one's home, most people would perhaps tone things down and reel in the spending -- if for no other reason than appearances. Sonja Morgan, on the other hand, decided to throw an extravagant party and even more money out the window on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

Burlesque was the theme, and Sonja went all out with her costume (the one from Australia didn't arrive in time, so she ordered a quick one from L.A.) and hired celebrity stylist Chris March to outfit her, a hairdresser, professional entertainers, and on and on. Ka-ching, ka-ching.


Perhaps someone else was footing the bill, or it was somehow sponsored, but it didn't appear that way and certainly didn't do much to evoke any sympathy for her. Jill was the only housewife who seemed to raise an eye when she said to the cameras, “I’m a little worried because, you know, Sonja’s having financial problems.”

Uh, yeah, we know, which is why it was all so weird.

Finances aside, Sonja knows how to let it all loose. She and her friend Tina (who was all boobs busting out) performed a sexy, sassy burlesque routine, and Sonja, looking eerily like the white swan in Black Swan, had no inhibitions. She did, however, at least have on underwear this time. As much as I have disliked her on the show this season, she actually did a pretty good (or at least entertaining) job. The last line of her performance was perfect for where she is right now: "You can take my money, you can take my man, but you can never take who I am.”

Thank housewives heavens for that racy little party (there were pasties), because the rest of the show was BORING. Seriously, Jill debating if a vegetarian eats chicken with daughter Allison? Avery reading a school essay about how Ramona is her hero? Kelly Bensimon and LuAnn de Lesseps fawning over one another? Who cares?

Oh, there was also the big Jill Zarin and Simon van Kempen make-up for which Jill gave herself a big old pat on the back for and said proves she's changed. The only one who's buying that, however, is Jill. Speaking of Jill ... that shopping scene with Allison was painful to watch. "Disgusting! Horrible! Take it off!" -- just what every young woman wants to hear from her mother when she tries something on. Was that the "new" Jill too?

And oh yeah, Cindy Barshop was still there ... somewhere.

What did you think of Sonja's burlesque performance?

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