'Dance Moms' Puts 'Toddlers & Tiaras' to Shame (VIDEO)

dance moms toddlers and tiaras
What are they making this poor girl do?
O.M.G. you guys, there's a new absolutely insane reality show about hard-driving (and unbalanced -- that's a given, right?) stage moms completely screwing up their little girls and you've got to see it. The first preview is out, and just this snippet involves a larger-than-life dance instructor straight outta Jersey, little blonde girls sobbing, and someone calling the police.

Competitive dance for kids is apparently no joke.

My husband works for Lifetime and has been telling me about this new show that starts next week for awhile. Finally, I get to see (and so do you, lovers of the nutty cuckoo!) what he's been going on and on about. Check out this video of the next show to make you very, very, very disappointed in how people are raising children these days.


Someone's going to be needing some therapy! And probably a stint in eating disorder rehab. Which is exactly why this kind of pressure is way worse than the toddlers chewing up the scenery in their tiaras. Yes, even this completely disturbing devil-possessed moment by little Eden.

Pre-teen girls are much more vulnerable to criticism, insults, negativity, and effed up moms. Toddlers prancing around and getting waxed are disturbing, yes. But watching the camera capture moments of bullying and humiliation by a woman in charge -- and the parents who hire her -- who clearly thinks this behavior is 100 percent acceptable is going to be opening some eyes. And maybe making you think twice before you sign up your kid with the star maker in your neighborhood.

Are you going to watch Dance Moms on Lifetime?

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