6 Reasons Chord Overstreet Is a 'Glee' Keeper

Chord Overstreet Amber RileyWell, Chord Overstreet has put Glee writers in quite the pickle. The actor who plays singing football player Sam Evans on the show created a hub bub when he tweeted a confirmation that he didn't get a contract for season 3 (even though Harry Shum Jr. and Darren Criss were brought on as full-timers). And Gleeks -- the fans so rabid they have their own cutesy nickname -- were maaaaad. Is it any wonder Ryan Murphy and co. are out and about trying to reel us back in with a promise that Chord's coming back?


Insiders are being quoted all over the web, saying this is not a "goodbye" bid to Sam Evans. Chord still has the gig on a show-to-show basis. But hold your celebrating, Gleeks, this is far from set in stone. Said an insider:

If Chord wants to appear on Glee, the choice is his. The Glee writers like his Sam character, and have plans to write for him.

Not exactly a guarantee that we'll get a true Trouty Mouth fix, is it? Sounds like the writers need a little reminder of why Chord has struck one with the fanship:

1. Finnchel can only go on so long. Is anyone else tired of the Finn, Quinn, Rachel triangle? Kick out Sam, and it's only going to get worse. His hetero blood is needed to keep the writers on their toes when the night is getting long and there's another romance angle to flesh out.

2. Mercedes deserves a boyfriend. While we're on the love subject, let's not forget the close of season 2, when Mercedes and Sam clasped hands, hinting at a relationship to come? Amber Riley has spent enough time playing second fiddle to Lea Michele; giving her a full-blown on-screen relationship would go a long way toward fostering her enormous talent.

3. Normal is believable. Sam has gotten some flak for being entirely too mainstream for a show that's all about flying one's freak flag. But not every kid in high school can be the fat kid, the gay kid, the goth kid, the pregnant teen ...

4. Homeless kids need a hero too. So he's mainstream, but the fact is introducing Sam's homeless story line into the mix gives Glee the chance to make a real impact on kids in America. Families with children are the fastest growing sector of the homeless population, and those kids have a hard time finding someone in the media to relate to.

5. His sex appeal reflects well on us. Remember when the offers started pouring in for the Glee boys to appear in Playgirl? It made it a lot easier to talk up my inner Gleekdom on girls' night, that's for sure. The boys turned the mag down, but the fact is that love was all about Chord in his gold lame hot pants from the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

6. He really can sing. Between his songwriting dad and his musical childhood, Chord has developed a voice that matches his rhythmic name. He just hasn't been able to showcase it much. Given a chance, he could blow us away.

Do you see Chord getting real singing time or is this just an attempt to make the fans happy?


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