Taylor Momsen's Girl on Girl Action Could Kill Her Career

taylor momsenLong gone are the days when Taylor Momsen was just the junior queen bee on Gossip Girl. Long, LONG gone are the days when she was the prettiest little girl in Whoville starring opposite Jim Carrey as The Grinch. Nowadays, Momsen is a menace to society!!! Yeah, you read that right. At 17 years old, her "overly sexualized" bad girl shtick is getting her in hot water with, well, everyone.

Last night, the actress/singer's Barcelona performance with her band The Pretty Reckless reportedly rapidly went from naughty to X-rated. She gave a young female concert-goer a lap dance and had her breasts groped by another gal fan. Pretty soon, everyone was scantily clad and gyrating. Hoo boy!

Gotta say none of this exactly comes as a surprise. Momsen's been acting out, pulling overly sexual (for her age) antics for a while now.


It's probably the result of having gone into showbiz at such a young age. Momsen's story may be Drew Barrymore Part Deux.

But like Drew, I hope that this is kind of just a phase for Taylor. She's gotta realize sooner or later that she can't build a career on acting like a skankazoid. Or else she's just going to end up a Lindsay Lohan-esque joke than a successful, in-demand entertainer.

What do you think about Taylor Momsen's behavior?

Image via Splash News

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