Justin Timberlake & Mila Kunis' Sexy PSA Totally Works (VIDEO)

justin timberlake mila kunisJustin Timberlake and Mila Kunis want us to know that they're very, very concerned about a crucial issue: The lack of "friends with benefits" as a relationship status on social media networks (cough Facebook cough). Why are we denying a voice to those in a casual sexual relationships with a friend? The opportunity to put a label on their SPECIAL bond? This is a cause the two insanely charismatic actors are making a plea for in their new PSA.

Yeah, yeah, the witty clip is clearly a gimmick for their new flick Friends With Benefits, which comes out July 22. And I usually hate Hollywood gimmicks. Don't those silly producers know we potential movie ticket buyers would have been perfectly content with the existing trailers? Or the "boob grab" at the MTV Movie Awards? Do they think we need FURTHER proof that these two have hot on-screen chemistry?

Welllll ... I suppose it can't hurt.  


The PSA is funny, and even has a "whoa, hello!" sexy-risque ending. So, it may be a gimmick -- but it's WORTH IT. Also, it makes me fall even more in love with these two as comedians and as an on-screen couple. Can you tell I'll be seeing FWB when it comes out? (Ashton and Natalie who?)

Here's the video for your viewing pleasure:

Does this "PSA" make you want to see Friends With Benefits?


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