Honey Badger Infects America (VIDEO)

honey badgerLong live the honey badger. No flash in the proverbial pan is he, no sir, honey badger has staying power. He's not going anywhere, and thank goodness, because he provides some funny sh**.

Heck, in the last few days, he's been seen splashed across Olivia Wilde's chest, and he even made President Obama's first-ever Twitter Townhall from the White House. Someone submitted the question: "Does honey badger care?" Obama has yet to respond to that particular question, but perhaps he needs time to ponder.

If you have no clue what I'm talking about, then you've been missing out and must watch the following video titled "Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger." If you've already seen it, you know you want to watch it again. 


Since it was uploaded in January, it has gotten more than 11 million clicks. When I first wrote about the video back in April, it had only received 4 million clicks, so honey badger just keeps getting bigger.

Now Wilde and her chest have given him a whole new boost of popularity. Who knows how far honey badger will go? The awesome narrator, who makes the whole video, is a guy known just as Randall. He has some other great ones too like "The Miracle of the Daffy Jesus Lizard" and "The Slowass Sloth," and it's easy to get lost laughing in his YouTube channel.

It's hard to explain why honey badger hits the funny bone of America just right, other than it's funny and infectious. Of course, not everyone thinks so, but guess what ... honey badger don't give a sh**.

Are you a fan of honey badger? Why do you think people love him so much?

Image via YouTube

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