Prince William's Hockey Attempt Is an Adorable FAIL (VIDEO)

prince william street hockey kate middletonThe Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Prince William and Princess Catherine (or just good ol' Kate Middleton), can basically do no wrong these days. They're gorgeous, charming, charismatic, and even though Canadians aren't so wild about royals in general, I'll betcha they've become smitten with Wills 'n' Kate during the dynamic duo's great tour of Canada. Still, that doesn't mean they are willing to let the Duke beat 'em at their own game. Yes, that's hockey I'm talkin' 'bout. (You know a country takes its sport seriously when they put it on their CURRENCY.)

Wills was hanging out in Yellowknife, which is waaay north of Alberta, when he was challenged to a quick street hockey shootout. Although he took three slapshots, a 20-year-old local goalie named Fort Liard prevented the Duke from making a goal.


The Prince's first shot hit the goalie's glove, the second hit his stick, and the third missed the net entirely.

At least Will admits hockey's not his sport. Now let's see what the kid who bested him has got when it comes to rugby, eh?

Here's the video of Wills givin' it all he's got:

What do you think of the Duke's attempt to play hockey with Canadian locals?


Image via Pool/Getty

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