Kim Kardashian Did Not Set OJ Simpson Free

kim kardashianAfter the Casey Anthony verdict was read, Kim Kardashian tweeted her disbelief. She was just as shocked as the rest of us that Casey was found not guilty and wanted to share in our joint experience of national surprise. But Kim's under fire for what she tweeted:

kim kardashian twitter

I'm not offended. Are you? I would've tweeted the same thing (only with fewer exclamation points, I'm not a fan). It seems like nearly everyone was taken aback by the outcome of the trial ... so why is Kim under hot water for her generally shared opinion? Critics argue that she has no right to comment since her father, the late Robert Kardashian, was one of OJ Simpson's defense lawyers.


To those people I say: News flash! (Whoa, I used an exclamation point.) Kim Kardashian didn't set OJ free. The jury did. And yes her father defended the Juice, but that has very little to do with Kim, who was 13 years old at the time.

One tweeter aimed right at Kim's jugular and wrote:

Why? Your Dad helped OJ walk. Even though he KNEW he was guilty. Somethings never change. Murders (sic) go free.

Kim is not her father. She has every right to weigh in on this case just as the rest of us do. We all watched it on the news and formed our own, likely biased opinions on a trial that took place thousands of miles from our homes ... Kim's allowed to do the same. Just because she was related to the OJ trial doesn't mean, well, anything.

The comparisons between the Casey Anthony case and OJ's case are natural, but dragging the daughter of a deceased defense attorney into it is not.

What do you think -- is Kim allowed her opinion?

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