Kim Kardashian, More Celebs Respond to Casey Anthony Verdict

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Well, the shocking verdict is in on the Casey Anthony trial. The jury has determined, much to the amazement and dismay of most the world, that Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY in the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Needless to say, Twitter is on fire with reactions to this surprising outcome -- and Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Roseanne Barr, Sharon Osbourne, and many of our favorite celebrities have a LOT to say on the verdict in this very high-profile case. Check it out.


Khloe Kardashian: WHAT THE F*CK!!!! I am disgusted.

Caroline Manzo: Sick to my stomach over Anthony ruling. God let that poor little baby rest in peace.

Sharon Osbourne: Casey Anthony not guilty??? ... It's a disgrace. She'll probably get her own reality show now.

Roseanne Barr: Kids only matter in this country when they are fetuses.

Jason Biggs: "I'll move this family to Florida!" is sure to become the new "I'll pull this damn car over!"

Rainn Wilson: Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Casey! She's now available for partying and babysitting!

Mark Hoppus: No. F*cking. Way

Lo Bosworth: Florida is weird.

Mandy Moore: I'm from Orlando and have been hooked on the trial the last few weeks. The defense team was abysmal! This is shocking! Poor, poor Caylee.

Ashton Kutcher: RT @WilliamLang OJ Simpson finds this verdict outrageous.

Carson Daly: That jury better get to hiding.

Jeana Keough: Our legal system does not work how can we fix it? Casey getting away with murder, unbelievable.

Scott Baio: How can this be correct? This woman goes FREE, but Michael Vick went to prison? Florida SHOULD have had his Jury ... Shaking my head.

Joy Behar: I am shocked by the #CaseyAnthonyVerdict. Though I can't say this is the first time Florida screwed up on an important vote. #HLN

Frankie Delgado: Wtf, not guilty? Florida is trippen, #CaseyAnthony

Kim Kardashian: WHAT!!!!???!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!

Erin Andrews: My mom just brought up a good point. The kid that made the gesture in the courtroom got six days ... but nothing for Casey #wow

Star Jones: I believe in the jury system & accept verdict ... but I can't take smiles from #CaseyAnthony right now. She may be NG ... but her baby is dead!

Aubrey O'Day: Either the law is corrupt, or we givbe too much power to the people entrusted with interpreting & applying the law. It's a sad day 4 justice.

Jill Zarin: I can NOT believe Casey Anthony was found NOT GUILTY! What ... the glove didn't fit? This is terrible. I am shocked.

Which celebrity do you think said it best?


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