Hayley Williams & Other Hip Musicians Will Rock 'Muppets' Soundtrack

hayley williamsMove over Disney soundtracks, the Muppets are taking over! The artists and songs for the upcoming Muppets movie (due out early next year) have been released and, I gotta say, they sort of make Coachella look like Bible Study. Who is covering the coveted "Rainbow Connection" you're wondering? Why, it's Paramore's Hayley Williams and Weezer. Hot dog!

Come on, who doesn't love the adorable flame-haired girl who possesses the freaky ability to force your body into movement when belting out "The Business of Misery"? She's perfect for the song, and with the help of Rivers Cuomo et al., it's sure to be a hit with the "over 6" set.

What other hipster artists are lending their musical talents to the "Green Album"? Walk with me ...


Here's the complete tracklisting:

OK Go -- "Muppet Show Theme"
Weezer and Hayley Williams -- "Rainbow Connection"
The Fray -- "Mahna Mahna"
Alkaline Trio -- "Moving Right Along"
My Morning Jacket -- "Our World"
Amy Lee -- "Halfway Down the Stairs"
Sondre Lerche -- "Mr Bassman"
The Airborne Toxic Event -- "Wishing Song"
Brandon Saller and Billy Martin -- "Night Life"
Andrew Bird -- "Bein' Green"
Matt Nathanson -- "Hope That Something Better Comes Along"
Rachael Yamagata -- "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday"

Pretty groovy, no? I mean, these are some seriously (read, tragically) hip bands lending their names to 120 minutes of talking puppets. I think that's cool, and so ... un-hip-band-like.

Let's take a band like Weezer, for example. Those dudes may make whimsical-sounding tunes about pork and beans, but they really take themselves seriously. Remember when Rivers went celibate? And how about Ok Go? They're not the most mainstream of bands, but most of their videos have blown up the Internet with their artsy appeal.

And I have to say, I'm glad this soundtrack is kind of indie. Not just because it's the kind of music I prefer, but because it seems like it's all pop, all the time now. Every week on Glee, it's Britney Spears or Lady Gaga. And everybody knows what all those Disney soundtracks sound like -- a whole lot of synthesizers and autotune. The Muppets bands are the cool kids, the misunderstood ones, the broodingly sexy ones. And they made the one kids' soundtrack that I actually might be able to listen to.

What do you think of the bands lending their talents to the Muppets soundtrack?


Image via www.ShootJoeC.com/Flickr

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