Jennifer Aniston Engagement Rumors Keep Her Single

jennifer anistonBy now you should know that Jennifer Aniston can't do as much as sneeze without the press being on it. So now that she's all hot and heavy with boyfriend Justin Theroux, you better believe she's being watched to the umpth degree.

First we heard stories of how she pulled an Angelina Jolie and snapped Justin and his former girlfriend in half like a Thanksgiving wishbone. Then we heard rumors of the couple shacking up -- and we questioned if it was too soon. Now we've got the mother of all things Aniston -- and the rumor that we knew was inevitable: Certain tabloids are reporting that the actress is engaged.

And if you see the photo, it really does kind of look like a big, ol' engagement ring.


You and I, intelligent people that we are, both know that it's probably not. It's a ring. On her ring finger. BFD. Before I was engaged, I wore many sparkly things on my left ring finger. But now that I think back, the paparazzi usually did go nuts.

Why do we always have to go straight to marriage with this woman? None of us are going to be invited to the wedding if it ever does happen, so who the crap cares? The couple just started dating. Let them enjoy each other. Let them get to know each other. It seems like every time Jennifer has dinner with a dude, the press has them engaged the next day. Not only is it annoying for her, it probably scares a bro off. Who wants to be talking about marriage the first month of their relationship? That's a lot of pressure! And, last time I checked, pressure doesn't make for a good relationship.

If Jennifer and Justin are engaged -- which I don't think they are ... but they could be -- good for them. Congrats. Where are you registered? I'll have the fish. Other wedding-y thing. It's really not going to have any bearing on anybody's lives, though. Besides hers. Why is the world so unsettlingly obsessed with Jennifer getting hitched. Who cares? She seems perfectly happy as is. And she's already been married. Let the woman breathe, for God's sake. She's rich, gorgeous, and always seems to have a hot boyfriend. I don't think we need to worry about her. I think she's gonna be just fine.

What do you think of the constant Jennifer Aniston rumors?

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