Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Plot a Date With Will & Kate

Kate Middleton Prince WilliamIt turns out no one can resist the charms of Robert Pattinson. Not even royalty. Just a few months after the British-born Twilight star moaned to Jimmy Kimmel that he would have liked an invite to the royal wedding, R-Patz and girlfriend Kristen Stewart are going to get to meet his most famous countrymen after all!

With Prince William and Kate Middleton all set to fly into Los Angeles for their first official trip to America as a married couple, it was about time the two couples met. They'll be entertaining the king and queen of every Twi-hard's heart at the Brits to Watch black-tie charity evening hosted by BAFTA, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. Two of just 250 industry folks allowed in, they're sure to score some quality time with the royal couple, and the two sets of lovebirds have so much in common to talk about:


1. Big weddings. The royal wedding was the most-talked about nuptials to take over American TV screens. The Breaking Dawn wedding is the most-talked about wedding that will be taking over theater screens.

2. Sexy accents. At least on behalf of the guys. We don't hear Kate speak very often (more's the pity too; she's really quite lovely and intelligent), and Kristen is, well, she's American, and she sounds it. But when Robert steps out of Twilight and onto a TV show to promote the movies, he becomes an entirely deliciously different man. Kind of Prince William-like. The boys can chat up being heartthrobs and whatnot; just someone mic them first, please?

3. Pregnancy rumors. Kristen is pregnant. No she's not! Yes she is! No she's not. Kate hears that a lot. And it turns out, well, at least for now, she's not. Talk about some good girl bonding!

4. Chastity. So we hope these two sets of sexy young things get pretty wild behind closed doors, but between those chaste kisses on-screen for Pattinson and Stewart (who are, sigh, playing teenagers) and the prim and proper Wills and Kate being all British and royal, they top our list of four most boring 20-somethings in a relationship ever. Maybe they can get snockered and discuss how not to hold hands in public?

How do you see this meeting going down?


Image via UK_repsome/Flickr

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