Johnny Depp Is Even Sexier as a Rock Star (VIDEO)

johnny depp alice cooperWhoa, I'm a little lightheaded. And is it hot in this office, or is it just me? Sorry, I just watched a clip of Johnny Depp playing guitar with Alice Cooper in London the other night and I'm suddenly Scarlett O'Hara, fanning myself and feeling like I'm about to faint dead away. Really, Johnny? Why did you have to do this to me? I honestly didn't think you could get any sexier and now ... sigh.

Apparently, Depp is buddies with Cooper (and why not? He's pals with Keith Richards and everybody else cool), and Cooper is so impressed with Depp's guitar hero qualities that he told him he's welcome to join the band if "the whole acting thing doesn't work out."


Of course, as any Depp-devotee worth her salt knows, Johnny was a rocker before he was an actor (what was the name of his band? If you shouted out The Kids, 10 points for you!). And speaking for myself, I'm just as happy to watch Depp rock out as I am to watch him play Jack Sparrow ... though, come to think of it, what if he could do both at the same time?!?!?! Actually, no, I take that back: I loved his onstage look when he played with Cooper: Shades, cap, vest, exposed, tattooed arms.

It occurs to me that I would probably be happy watching Depp do anything: Fixing a leaky faucet, checking his email, brushing his teeth. But as a Depp fan with a weakness for musicians, this video is as good as it gets. Take a look and tell me what you think:

Do you prefer Depp the actor or Depp the musician?

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