'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Better Enjoy 'Celebrity' Rehab

Teen Mom Amber Portwood may not be famous for much more than getting pregnant as a teen and becoming a hot mess, but she sure is acting like a "celebrity" with some of her latest exploits, the latest of which is that she has reportedly checked into rehab in Malibu.

According to her brother, the rehab stint isn't for drugs and Amber herself said it's
for anger control issues and depression. Clearly she needs it. After a suicide attempt and so much drama in her life, maybe some time in rehab is just what she needs.

At 21, Portwood, for better or worse, has become famous (or infamous, not sure which), and it's clearly not something she was prepared to handle. It's impossible to know from a highly edited show, but to me, it seems like she is a good kid gone wrong.


We could probably endlessly debate what came first -- the infamy or the problems? But it has to be the problems. After all, these were girls who were already in peril. MTV just helped them earn some notoriety for it. Still, underneath it all, I get the sense that Amber could be good. She could be on track if only she had help. Or maybe that is just the optimist in me speaking.

The show is heavily edited and no one knows what Amber is really like. But what's clear is that she is a deeply troubled girl who needs help, not more lectures and ridicule. Let's hope "celebrity" rehab gets that for her.


Image via MTV

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