Lady Gaga Sued for Dumbest Reason Ever

Someone is taking Lady Gaga to court, and shockingly it's not for her innumerable crimes against fashion. A Michigan law firm is alleging that Gaga scammed her fans by greedily pocketing some of the cash from the "We Pray For Japan" bracelets she's been selling to raise money for the earthquake recovery effort in Japan. While her website claims all proceeds from the bracelet went to charity, the lawsuit says Gaga not only inflated the shipping charges -- she also kept some of the $5 she charged for each bracelet.

An attorney from the accusing law firm has dramatically stated, "When you use your celebrity and your power as a musician to take money from people under false pretenses, that's just wrong."

Wow, sounds like Lady Gaga seriously violated all kinds of federal racketeering and consumer protection laws and should probably be sent directly to jail! Except … something doesn't seem quite right about this lawsuit


For one thing, the law firm that's suing her is called -- I am not making this up -- 1-800-LAW-FIRM. Seriously. That's their name. This classy-sounding organization has produced -- I am still not making this up -- a YouTube video presented by a "legal investigator" who looks very professional and trustworthy and not at all like a child molester. Observe:

The firm is also promoting their own hashtag for "discussing the lawsuit" on Twitter. I'm pretty sure it's #cheappublicitystunt.

It's unclear how 1-800-WE'RE-FULL-OF-CRAP knows anything about how the bracelet sales were used or how much money is being used fraudulently, but that's not stopping the suing attorney from insinuating to FOX that "maybe nothing" is going to Japan.

Here's the thing: I'm not particularly into Lady Gaga, but I have mad respect for the techniques she's used to market herself. One of her biggest selling points is how devoted to her fan base she appears to be. Whether or not she really is, there's no way she would deliberately get involved in some stupid scam that 1) rips off her "little monsters" and 2) craps on a huge charitable cause she's promoting. If it turns out there really is something shady about those bracelet sales, bad on her for not being more involved with that specific business move -- but I'm guessing it's far more likely this entire lawsuit turns out to be a shlocky way for an ambulance-chasing firm to get their (incredibly stupid) name out there.

What's your take on the lawsuit? You think we'll find out Gaga really was pocketing some cash from those bracelets?

Image via Flickr/Domain Barnyard

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