Royal Family Cameo on 'Glee': Who Will Steal Kurt's Tiara?

Dianna Agron Cory MonteithThe writers of Glee are not exactly known for bowing to tradition. Their's is a show about singing pop songs in prime time. And nobody wins a million dollars. And yet everyone wants to be on it. Even, it turns out, members of the royal family.

Yes, that royal family. The one that puts on elaborate weddings and has a guard that changes and still sends out telegrams to old folks on their 100th birthday (on second thought) in the age of iPhones and email. But can a show that looks at the word "queen" and thinks "Kurt Hummel" really be the appropriate place for the stiff upper lip proper Brits?


Well, Princess Eugenie thinks so. Remember her? She and her sister Princess Beatrice, both daughters of Fergie, aka Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, stole the show at their cousin Prince William's wedding a few months back with their outrageous headgear. They took full advantage, selling the loony lids for charity.

But now that they're full on famous instead of just being the kids of a really famous royal woman who talked about her weight a lot, Eugenie and Beatrice are aiming for a spot on Eugenie's favorite show. And their using the show's queen to get there. Apparently Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt Hummel, aka the gay kid crowned prom queen last season, was caught filling Eugenie in on backroom Gleek gossip, and now they're talking possible cameo for the princesses!

It's perfect! With re-creations of those hats, I could see yet another Gaga episode for the New Directions, only this time the Born This Way crew shows how they let their hair down. Then again, they could go for one of their fabulous themed episodes. All songs by Queen and Prince perhaps? Or "Two Princes" by The Spin Doctors followed up by "Kings and Queens" by 30 Seconds to Mars and "King of Anything" by Sara Bareilles and of course "The Queen" by Lady Gaga? Of course, if Pippa Middleton comes along, Puck could reprise one of his odes to girls bottoms. . . just a thought.

What would you think of a royal family cameo on Glee? Who would you most want to see?


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