Cee Lo Honors Patti LaBelle in Weirdest Tribute Ever (VIDEO)

cee lo green
Cee Lo Green as Patti LaBelle
At the BET Awards last night, Ms. Patti LaBelle was honored with the Lifetime Achievement Award. LaBelle, who started her career with Patti LaBelle and the Bluebelles in the early 1960s then broke off for her solo career in 1977, has been a mainstay in the R&B and pop music scene for over 40 years. I guess she deserves an award, I mean, she's only the most awesome person alive! And Cee Lo Green agrees.

He celebrated the 66-year-old star by performing a medley of her songs and was joined on stage by Marsha Ambrosius, Shirley Caesar and Ms. Patti herself. And of course, Cee Lo looked absolutely ridiculous while honoring Patti.


As a fan of The Voice, I've seen enough Cee Lo outfits to know that he's an eccentric dresser. The necklaces, the bracelets, the tailored jump suits that somehow fit his T-Rex like short arms ... his closet must look like that of an 11-year-old cross dresser. So when Cee Lo stepped out on stage in pink, blue, green and gold sequined jacket, diamond broach and a Swiffer duster on his head, I thought nothing of it. Just another wacky Cee Lo ensemble!

But it turns out that Cee Lo was actually dressed up as Patti and wasn't only honoring her music, but her sartorial selections as well. Could've fooled me. That guy could come out in a full on cone bra and I wouldn't have assumed he was paying homage to Madonna, I would've thought he was paying homage to the cone bra he bought and was excited to wear.

Patti LaBelle is without a doubt an American legend and while I may not have grown up with her music, I've fallen in love with her courtesy of Cee Lo Green's tribute, and Andy Cohen. Have you seen Patti on Watch What Happens Live? She's a real fan of the Housewives, and any fan of Bravo programming is a friend of mine.

WATCH Cee Lo's tribute to Patti LaBelle:

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