Vicki Gunvalson Deserves Her New Deadbeat Boyfriend

Vicki GunvalsonVicki Gunvalson of The Real Housewives of Orange County was in the hot seat last night on Watch What Happens Live as Andy Cohen grilled her about her new guy, Brooks Ayers. Andy peppered her with viewers' questions about her beau's recent arrests for not providing child support payments, and Vicki couldn't provide much in the way of answers besides, "the media doesn't tell the whole truth."

No, perhaps not, but court records don't lie, and they clearly state that Ayers was arrested twice last year for not paying child support to two different women he owes. Vicki totally knew about the arrests and even wrote the judge a letter asking him to release Ayers from jail (awww.). No wonder she didn't jump on her pal Tamra Barney's campaign to trash and bash Slade Smiley relentlessly for his child support issues. Of course she didn't try to stop her either.


If the viewers saw me the last year, I never talked about Slade. It’s his business and his life and I don’t want him in mine. Tamra is my best friend. I personally would not have gone that far. I don’t want people in my business … I’m a big girl … everyone needs to have a fine line where you stop.

Now I'd love to hear from Tamra as to why one deadbeat dad is okay while another isn't. I'm SURE she has some kind of explanation. But Vicki sitting there all innocent like while Barney screamed at Gretchen and Slade for the exact same thing is about as hypocritical as you can get, whether she said anything or not.

Oh, and Ayers was also arrested in 2009 for DUI charges, and never paid his then-girlfriend back for the bail money she posted for him. What a winner!

Regardless, Vicki says her love tank is full, which is great (woo hoo, for her), but at some point you have to evaluate just what it's full of.  All I can think is she left Donn Gunvalson for this loser? No one wonder her daughter, Briana, is angry with her. Seriously, Donn is funny, charming, and seemingly wanted to work things out with her. She was crazy to think she could have done better than him, and clearly she hasn't.

What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson's new boyfriend?

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