Rachel Weisz & Daniel Craig's Love Story Is a Fast-Moving Thriller

Daniel Craig Rachel Weisz
Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz in Dream House
British actors Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig got married in a hush-hush wedding in New York last week, Craig's rep has confirmed. Craig, 43 (wow! I though he was older!), and Weisz, 41, have had a short whirlwind romance and have managed to keep it mostly out of the public eye. Their wedding sounds no different with
just four guests, including Daniel's 18-year-old daughter Ella (with ex-wife and Scottish actress Fiona Loudon) and Rachel's 4-year-old son Henry (with ex-partner and Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky) and two family friends.

The two reportedly started their relationship just a few months ago, and, while they kept their relationship on the down low, the past seven months do sound like they've been a bit of a fast-paced thriller.


Craig and Weisz have reportedly been friends for several years, but they worked together  closely on the upcoming thriller Dream House in February and March of 2010. They were first romantically linked in about November 2010, but the couple denied their involvement at that time. This denial probably has something to do with Rachel's ongoing nine-year relationship with Aronovsky and Daniel's five-year engagement to film producer Satsuki Mitchell, both of which ended sometime within this murky timeline. Whoops.

By December 2010, Daniel and Rachel were spotted holding hands while spending Christmas together in Somerset, and their romance was considered "official" in celebrity gossip land.

So was this relationship the result of a secret on-screen affair? We'll probably never know. However, we can speculate that playing husband and wife in a crazy thriller must have been titillating enough to spark romance. The movie, which is due out in September and about a couple who move into their "dream home" in New England, only to find out a grisly murder took place in the home and the killer may be still on the loose. Yikes! Sounds like just the sort of plotline to drive you right into the arms of your handsome costar -- or your stunning leading lady. *wink, wink*

Ah well, not for us to judge -- although it was sure fun pointing it out.

Happy marriage to the newlyweds. May it last a lifetime!

Do you think hasty marriages can last? Are you a believer in "when you know, you know"?


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