Melissa Molinaro Is Kim Kardashian, But Talented (VIDEO)

melissa molinaroYesterday's news that footballer Reggie Bush is dating Melissa Molinaro was a little hard to swallow. Considering the world dubbed the Canadian songstress a dead ringer of Kim Kardashian just a few months ago, it's a little ironic that she's shacking up with the bride-to-be's ex.

When it comes to the Kim vs. Melissa debate, there's one thing that Melissa has that Kim really doesn't: Talent. Don't get me wrong, I love me some Kimmy. Based on my reaction to her engagement news, you would have thought that I just heard my bestie was getting hitched. But Melissa's stint on reality shows like Making the Band 3 and The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll as well as her upcoming debut pop/dance album and appearance in Honey 2 just put her in a category all her own.


We watched (and maybe cringed) when we heard Kim Kardashian's attempt at singing with "Jam (Turn It Up)." But we forgave her, like all good friends do, for how iffy it was because the proceeds went to a good cause. St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital, to be exact.

Then I took a look-see at Melissa's debut song, "Dance Floor," and started bouncing along.

It's pretty good, right? If you're not a fan of the music, then you can't deny that the girl's got moves and looks stunning. I would kill for gams like hers. Sure, the video is a little provocative, but isn't that what gets the kids excited these days?

Melissa''s been working her behind off to get somewhere in her career since early 2002, and it looks like it's finally taking off. And whether or not this thing with Reggie lasts, it looks like the name recognition that's resulted with her blossoming romance is what's going to get her noticed on a bigger scale.

When all's said and done, the girls are each unique in their own way. Sure, Melissa's good at what she does -- but so is Kim. While Kim's got business sense, Melissa's got killer dance moves. And while I don't think that Melissa deserves to live in Kim's shadow, her latest choice in beaus shows that she's certainly doing a good job at it.

What do you think of Reggie Bush dating Melissa Molinaro? Do you think she's got talent? 


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