Mini Warbler ‘Glee’ Fan Moves Closer to an On-Screen Role (VIDEO)

Mini Warbler Kellen SarmientoBy now Glee fans have all heard the news that a portion of the core cast will be graduating, and replacements will flow in from The Glee Project. But those kids are pretty old. Maybe Ryan Murphy could use some really young blood? Say one Mini Warbler, aka Kellen Mirador Sarmiento, whose cover of the Warblers' cover of "Teenage Dream" tore up YouTube a few weeks back?

The tot is back with a second cover of a cover, in his black blazer with red piping custom-made by his Lola to look just like his favorite Glee character (Blaine). Singing "Raise Your Glass," he does less singing this time around, but this Gleeked-out tot has got some new moves. Take a look:


I'm having a hard time deciding which video is better! Little Kellen says "Teenage Dream" is his favorite song (and rewatching it with his tie flopping around makes me giggle), but the dancing is too cute this time around. But talk about your perfect setup for Ryan Murphy.

This kid is what, 4? SIx? I can't quite put my finger on his age, but he's young enough that there's no way he'd have to worry about upsetting fans with little Kellen graduating too fast. And Darren Criss has already said he can replace him any day. One of the many Glee stars who have tweeted about him, including Telly Leung who plays Wesley Montgomery and Titus Makin Jr. who plays David Thompson, Criss gave the tot a shout-out:

I have been replaced. Blaine Anderson, move over ... Putting us Warblers to shame, you handsome devil!

What do you think? Is this the face of the next Glee castmate? Or at least the cutest fan ever?


Image via YouTube

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