O.J. Simpson Could Save Oprah’s OWN Network

oprahOprah Winfrey is a witch. I'm convinced. It's being reported that the talk show queen doesn't just want to get an interview with O.J. Simpson, where he confesses to killing his wife, Nicole Brown, she actually got it. Ho-ly balls.

According to the National Enquirer (I know, but hey, they broke the John Edwards news), O.J. confessed to an Oprah producer that he "killed Nicole out of self-defense." And apparently, he then proceeded to give details on the entire night.

True? Who can say for sure. Like I said, it's the National Enquirer. But man, would Oprah and her OWN network get the boost they needed if it were.


Everybody knows everything Oprah mentions, breathes on, dreams about, looks at, or thinks about turns to gold. Except her new network. It's flailing right now. Yes, it's in the incipient stages, but not only is it not doing well, it's pretty freaking boring, if you ask me. At least once a night I flip over there to see what's on and it's always the same damn thing. How many times can you air a "Master Class" episode, or "Behind the Scenes of Oprah's Last Season"? Enough. Give us some spice, Oprah. Give us some scandal. Give us a James Frey-type of interview at the very least. 

If she got the O.J. interview everybody has always wanted? Jack-pot! In a single hour (or however long the interview is), her network would go from zero to 60. And Oprah would be back on top. And let's be honest, guys, that's the real reason she wants this interview. Yes, she's a do gooder who's always out there spewing "truth," but this O.J. business is strictly for the ratings boost.

In a way, watching Oprah start her own (OWN) network has been like watching Oprah from the start all over again. You like her, you're rooting for her, you want her to win. All she's missing is that one big break -- and this would be it. Hey, this might even make her rich and famous.

Do you think Oprah has the O.J. interview? Will you watch it if she does?


Image via greginhollywood/Flickr

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