Lauren Conrad Will Make ‘Forbes’ Prettier But Dumber (VIDEO)

lauren conradTo be completely frank, Lauren Conrad is getting a little Gwyneth Paltrow for my taste these days. First The Hills star (formerly of Laguna Beach fame) started a clothing line. Then she became an "author." Next she started a website. Now she's adding Forbes lifestyle contributor to her resume. Enough already. How do we know when to trust you? What is your area of expertise?

Conrad's "job" at Forbes has her "writing" a series of articles over the next few months about what it takes to "run a business, design a clothing line, write a book, run a website, and much more."

So, this is really happening, Forbes? You're actually going to have someone who's friends with Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby write for you guys? If you say so ...


I mean, I see what you're doing here. You're trying to appeal to a new demographic; a younger, fresher, more tanned and waxed audience. But is that really you? And is Lauren Conrad really qualified to write for your fine periodical? She doesn't run her "business." You're having a non-business person talk to people about business. If you ask me, this is bad business on your part.

And, just so you know, this is probably very comforting to actual writers -- and business people -- who would give anything to write for you guys. Although, maybe after this whole LC thing, they won't be in your demo anymore.

I will give you this, though: She is pretty. So, capitalize on that, Forbes people. If you can, include some attractive photos of her "conducting business." You know, some pictures of her biting on the end of a Montblac while sifting through "documents"; her drinking a Starbucks while heading into a "meeting"; maybe one of her glancing at her Breitling with a furrowed brow; ooh, one of her ordering a scotch with a "client" at the end of the day. I'm just brainstorming right now. I'm sure you guys can think of some really good stuff.

In case you were wondering, Conrad's first post will be up Thursday. There goes the sleep you thought you were getting tonight.

Here's a video of Lauren talking shop. Pretty gurl.

What do you think of LC contributing to Forbes?


Image via Henry S. Dziekan III/Getty

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