Don’t Sue Tobey Maguire for Being Awesome … at Poker

tobey maguireYou know that Tobey Maguire is good at poker, right? Did you know that he's really good? No, like has won hundreds of thousands of dollars good? And did you know that he's now being sued because of it?

Here's the deal: Tobey, along with fellow actors Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck, and Matt Damon (no doubt, trying to emulate Rounders), were part of this high-stakes, high-profile poker game. And if you feel short on G-level celeb gossip, you'll be happy to know that the games were sometimes played at Rick Salomon's, Paris Hilton's sex tape partner, house. Enjoy.

Anyway, Tobey, the only one being sued, apparently won over $300,000 from Brad Ruderman, a hedge fund manager who's currently in prison for running a Ponzi scheme. The trustees in the Ruderman case are suing Maguire because the scheme and the game were illegal, so they want the money back. Phew, that's a lot of info. Let's talk smack now.


To single out Maguire because he won the most money from Ruderman (it's actually reported that Tobey won $110,000 in a single hand from him once) is ridiculous. If Maguire is being sued -- why not sue everybody who was involved with the illegal game period?

I mean, it could have been anybody winning, right? Tobey happened to be the person to clean out Ruderman. Did he know that the cash he was getting was blood money? I seriously doubt it.

I understand that the lawyers for the people who lost tons of money from Ruderman just want to get their money back -- they're actually suing multiple people who had dealings with the manager -- but it's hard to blame people who easily could have been victims themselves. Ruderman sucked at poker. Maguire was good. Bing bang boom. Case closed.

The most interesting tidbit I read about this case and the super top-secret games that preceded it is the fact that when the guys played in hotel rooms, the doors were actually manned by armed guards in bullet-proof vests. You're playing poker, guys. Get over yourselves.

Do you think Maguire should be sued?


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