Pippa Middleton & Prince Harry May Be Getting Too Close for Comfort

pippa middleton and prince harryEver since the Royal Wedding, rumors have been rampant about Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry getting together. And right now, it actually looks like it might happen.

Apparently, the two -- both who have recently broken up with significant others -- have been talking on the phone and spending a bit of time with each other. They even have nicknames they call one another by. She refers to him as "Captain" for his military rank, and he refers to her as "Commando" for the rumor that she wasn't wearing any underwear on her sister's wedding day.

Surely, people's heads will explode if these two actually wind up getting together. But I say don't do it, guys. Not only have we not had enough time to drink in your siblings yet, you'll ruin the idea of you guys being together.


Think of it kind of like Ross and Rachel. Or even Jim and Pam from The Office. Weren't both shows just a little bit better when the couples weren't together? There was all this angst, all this hope, all this ... waiting for them to finally get together!

If Pippa and Harry do wind up dating, sure it will be fun. We'll get to see where they go, how they act towards one another, and of course, double dates with their siblings. But the are-they-or-aren't-they will be snatched from the air. We'll no longer be able to speculate about their body language and wonder if there's chemistry between them. We'll just know. And eventually, it'll get kind of boring.

And, I don't know about you, but I really haven't gotten my fill of the Duke and Duchess yet. They haven't even been married three months. Let's see what else they do, where else they go, what else she wears. I want my royal focus to solely be on them for a while. If we throw Pippa and Harry into the mix, Wills and Kate probably won't be as interesting either.

Lastly -- and certainly not leastly -- let's not forget that if Pippa and Harry got together, they probably wouldn't last. They're both so young. And when they broke up, like most break-ups, it probably wouldn't be the cleanest thing in the world. That could mean trouble for William and Kate, if they're forced to pick sides. And nobody -- especially the Queen and me -- wants that.

Do you want Pippa and Harry to get together?


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