Lindsay Lohan Will Do Anything for Money (VIDEO)

lindsay lohanLindsay Lohan is under house arrest for stealing a necklace (oops! Her bad!), but that won't stop the bottle-blonde from partying ... or working. Just last week LiLo had a rooftop party at her house, and now TMZ reports that Lindsay got down to some business, and shot a 15-second ad, from her couch, for second-rate shopping site with a big advertising budget, With a production value similar to something I filmed when I was 8, the commercial is brilliantly tacky and wreaks of desperation.

But I'm sure Linds' got mad lawyer debt and just needs to make a quick buck any way she can. She was originally offered $25,000 for the ad, but turned it down. Since she ended up filming it, I'm sure the offer was increased. Oh! And she also got a $10,000 credit to go shopping on the site.

But is all that money worth this humiliation? You won't believe the ad 'til you see it.


First of all I'd like to be the first person to officially announce that Lindsay has morphed into Snooki and Christina Aguilera. She's borderline unrecognizable in this ad. Maybe she's trying to disguise herself? Or maybe she needs these little half-ass gigs to fund her Botox habit. Lindsay is 24 and she looks like a puffed up 40-year-old divorcee here. Stop it! Stop filling your face!

For some reason I'd also like to point out that LiLo has an Eiffel Tower decal that is sold at Target, and pillows that spell out "love." I like that she's savvy and thrifty when it comes to home decor, but it's likely because she wants to save her dough to spend on facial injections. Lindsay likes her money where she can see it. In the mirror.

Even though Lindsay is supposed to be grounded for another two and a half weeks, I'm sure some other news will surface of her either partying or making money from her home. If we're lucky, maybe she'll never want to leaver her house again now knowing that she doesn't necessarily have to. With Lindsay in her confines, the roads, and the jewelry stores, would be a safer place.

Watch the ad and tell me what you think. Totally desperate feeling, right?

Photo via YouTube

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