Katie Holmes Has a Hot Bikini Body -- Who Knew?! (PHOTO)

katie holmes bikini suriOh, heeeey, look -- Katie Holmes in a bikini! This past weekend, the actress was photographed in Miami, wearing pink shorts and a maroon bikini top, while playing with daughter Suri in the surf. The Cruise fam was in Florida, while dad Tom worked on Rock of Ages.  

The day made for suuuuuper cute mama and daughter pics, but hey, anyone else realize ... we haven't seen Katie's body like this before!

Who knows why this woman has kept her awesome figure under wraps for so long. She did occasionally sport a bikini top in scenes for Dawson's Creek (Remember, Joey and Pacey?! Oh, the good old days!), and I can't be sure, but I feel like she used to bare more skin back in the days when she dated Chris Klein (a la American Pie). Then, she met Tom ... and everything changed!


Maybe Scientology had rules about what women can and can't wear? Or mothers? Maybe there's an explicit rule against frolicking on the beach for the paparazzi? Perhaps Katie just became so private about her life that she's leery of flaunting her assets in public? Or, hey, it could be she's a "normal mom" with body insecurities.

No matter the reason she's shied away from bikini-wear, it's a bummer, because she's a good-lookin' lady! I mean, check out those RIPPED, cut abs. That's a mummy tummy to envy, if I ever saw one. Do we even know if she's a workout queen? Oh, well, I guess there have been the occasional paparazzi shots of her leaving a gym. Like this one from a couple of months ago, where Katie was spied grabbing coffee and chocolate after her workout. If that's how she stays this fit -- she's not only a hot mama, she's a lucky one, right?

At any rate, it's cool to see her having a blast with Suri and rocking what she's got. Hopefully, it's just modesty -- and not insecurity -- that keeps her covered up more often than not.

Why do you think Katie rarely shows any skin?


Image via Pichichi/SDFL/Splash News

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