Weird Al Yankovic Nails Lady Gaga & Her Ridiculous Get-Ups (VIDEO)

Weird Al YankovicEven if you're not typically a fan of the meat dress, you've never seen one look as good as when Weird Al Yankovic rocks one in his latest video, "Perform This Way." In it, he takes on none other than Lady Gaga parodying her song "Born This Way," and leaves us wondering what took him so long.

Honestly, it's been awhile since we've seen anything really good from Yankovic (he kind of went downhill after "Eat It" as far as I'm concerned), but this video of him as Gaga is awesome. He nails her and her quirky over-the-top costumes. Of course, she provides more than plenty of fodder, and he uses it all -- emerging from an egg included.

The lyrics are hysterical too:

"My mama told me when I was hatched/Act like a superstar/Save your allowance/Buy a bubble dress/And someday you will go far."

"I'll even be a human jelly bean, because every day is Halloween for me."

Check it out:


Awesome, no? In case you're wondering (as I was when I first saw the video), that's his head superimposed on her body. If he looked that good in her outfits, I would be seriously depressed. He does transform the rest of himself convincingly enough to make it slightly believable though.

Apparently the video almost wasn't to be as her handlers originally refused him the right to release it. When she got wind of it, however, she gave it the green light, calling it a "rite of passage" for singers. Good for her; she may as well laugh along with everyone else.

With all proceeds from the song going to the Human Rights Campaign, supporting the LGBT community, it's a laugh for a good cause too.

What do you think of Weird Al Yankovic's video for "Perform This Way"?

Image via YouTube

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