Ryan O’Neal Shouldn’t Blame Tatum for Farrah Fawcett’s Death

farrah fawcettFarrah Fawcett may be in a better place now, but she's still making headlines, thanks to her longtime lover (of the spotlight) Ryan O'Neal. The Love Story star was on Piers Morgan last night, and wow, did he say some outrageous things.

Despite the fact that his daughter, Tatum O'Neal, was on the talk show a few days earlier, talking about how she thinks their relationship is getting better, Ryan felt the need to tell Morgan -- and how ever many million people were watching -- that he thinks Tatum is essentially responsible for Farrah's getting cancer. That is one class act.


I won't regale all the gory details, but the highlights are this: He started off talking about how Farrah was always so healthy -- she ate right, didn't smoke, exercised -- so he felt it was strange that someone like her would be diagnosed with cancer. Then he dovetailed into how his family -- and all their baggage -- probably played a role in her getting sick. (Which, if you want to say that, okay, fine.) Then he zeroed in on Tatum (he actually said, "particularly Tatum") and how there was always so much friction between the three of them. He mentioned how every time he and Farrah got closer, he and Tatum grew further apart. He even said he thinks Tatum's suicide attempt at 13 was fake!

Wow, right? That is his daughter. And talk about airing your dirty laundry. If Ryan actually feels this way, that's his business. But one shouldn't say these types of thing out loud -- especially on national television. Colossal jerk.

Buuuut ... you should know that, coincidentally, Ryan's new reality show debuted on Sunday on Oprah's OWN network. And you should also know that the show centers around his relationship with Tatum. How convenient! All these feelings that Ryan's been having about Farrah and his daughter are first being bestowed upon the world now -- a year after Farrah's death.

It seems to me -- and I hope I'm wrong -- like Ryan is capitalizing on Farrah's passing in order to get good ratings. And if you want to talk about things making people sick, that is exactly what this does to me. Blech.

What do you think of Ryan's comments?


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