Ryan Dunn Already Demonized for Drunk Driving

There has been no official word yet on the cause of Jackass star Ryan Dunn's fatal car accident this morning, but for most casual observers, the case is closed. Just hours before he lost control of his Porsche and crashed in a wooded area in Pennsylvania, Dunn tweeted a photo that seemingly tells the whole story.

In the image, Dunn is shown hanging out with friends at a bar, a beer in his left hand. Although there's no way to tell from this single photograph how many drinks he'd had over the course of the evening, there doesn't seem to be any question from the Twitter crowd that the crash happened as a result of drunk driving.

Even famed movie critic Roger Ebert sent the following message to all 473,000 of his followers:


Friends don't let jackasses drink and drive.

Personally, I was surprised to see that tweet from Ebert, because regardless of the spirit in which he may have intended to say it, it sure sounds shitty coming less than 12 hours after Dunn's death. Especially with no word from the police on whether the crash truly was caused by alcohol.

While some fans are voicing their sorrow and condolences to Dunn's family, there are of course a ton of cringe-worthy jokes going around and a somewhat predictable rumor that Dunn's death is part of an elaborate Jackass stunt. Worse, there are plenty of criticisms for how he supposedly died:

Ryan Dunn was drunk, speeding & killed the person in the car with him. Hard to feel sad for stupidity.

Knowing that Ryan Dunn was drunk when he crashed and died, I can't feel bad for him anymore.

Ryan Dunn died because he drove drunk. Good riddance. @realjknoxville don't defend this monster, he could have killed someone.

If it turns out that alcohol was in fact the reason Ryan Dunn and his as-yet unnamed passenger died on the side of the road this morning, I won't be surprised, but I also won't pass judgement, because he has already suffered the ultimate consequence. There's no point in finger-wagging a dead man or making his family feel even worse right now. The only good that can come of an alcohol-related tragedy is to hope that others make better choices as a result.

This is what happened to Ryan Dunn's car this morning:

Image via Flickr

If that happened because of drinking, it's a horrible tragedy that could have been prevented. I think it's worth focusing on how others can avoid a similar fate, instead of jumping the gun to be the person who has the most retweeted snark about how a celebrity's life ended.

Image via dickhouse.tv, subewl

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