Lacey Schwimmer Needs to Stick to Dancing

Dancing With the Stars is a great, fun show and Lacey Schwimmer is by far one of my favorites. She has great energy and always picks fun music and great costumes. She is so talented, so why oh why does she feel the need to mess all that up by becoming a singer, too?

This always seems to be the way. We lost Julianne Hough to a "music career." Are we going to lose Lacey, too? The song, which debuts June 21, is not half bad. But that isn't the point. She's one of the most fun dancers to watch and no matter how decent her song is, her main bread and butter will always be dance.

It's not like she has a voice that stops traffic. She created a highly synthesized pop song that may or may not get people to want to shake it on the dance floor. Let's hope she doesn't quit her day job because of it.


The fact is, we don't like triple threats generally as a society. For those not in the know, a "triple threat" is a performer who can dance, sing, and act. Think JLo or Mandy Moore (for real!). But for every one who actually makes the leap, there are 20 more who can't.

Let us all recall the disaster that was the singing debut of Jennifer Love Hewitt. I shudder to remember it.

So Lacey, we implore you. Make "Love Soundz" your last single. Stick to what you know best. Keep on dancing and if you feel the need to sing, don't make it the primary goal. You are already on top in one field!

Do you want to see her go to singing?


Image via ABC

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