'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Joe & Melissa Make It Easy to Feel Bad for Teresa

real housewives of new jerseyAfter an explosive premiere, followed by what felt like weeks of filler, The Real Housewives of New Jersey finally brought the drama last night when Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe sat down for a tete-a-tete -- and then again when we got a teensy weensy taste of her conversation with sister-in-law Melissa Gorga.

Teresa and Joe's conversation was frustrating as hell, if nothing else. Truth be told, I was never a huge fan of Teresa's, but after witnessing her interaction with her brother and sister-in-law all season, I can't help but kind of side with her.


See, Teresa doesn't exactly strike me as the most open-minded, in-touch-with-reality "Bravolebrity," but her conversation with her brother basically involved him yelling at her for how mean she is to his wife, Melissa. And either Joe has some serious influence over his sister or Teresa really just wants their family "back together," because by the end of the conversation, Teresa was promising to sit down with Melissa for another soon-to-be-famous Giudice/Gorga talk.

Joe Gorga clearly wasn't there to hear what Teresa had to say. Er, correction, he was there to hear what she had to say, but wasn't going to take any of it to heart. You could tell every time Teresa spoke, Joe wasn't listening, but merely waiting to talk/yell back. Throughout the entire duration of their conversation, he sat there, leaning back in his chair, with a scowl on his face, while Teresa leaned forward, trying to make headway with her brother. And the majority of the entire conversation wasn't about Joe Giudice -- which originally was the "point of contention" in their relationship -- but Melissa. So now we see the real wedge between Teresa and her brother. Which, really, we knew all along, didn't we?

Look, I wasn't there while they were all growing up. But it sure seems to me that Melissa surrounds herself by people who coddle her and tell her she did nothing wrong. Like, what did Teresa do to Melissa that was so horrific? We haven't heard about one isolated incident? Is it because fame got to her head -- just like it's getting to Melissa's now, what with her trying to launch a singing career and all? It seems like what started out as a rift between the two Joes has now, somehow, morphed into a "Teresa is so mean to Melissa" kind of thing. Either Melissa is seriously good at convincing people she's the victim (which she is good at) or she surrounds herself with really dumb, naive people. (Side note -- I don't think that's the case with Kathy Wakile. I think Kathy just has had it out for Teresa and this is her excuse to have it out with her.)

We also found out some other interesting information during this episode. Apparently, Teresa thinks -- or is at least saying now -- that Melissa married Joe for his money. She recites a line that her sister-in-law said to her when they first met that went something like, "Of course I'm marrying Joe. Have you seen his house? I'm not dumb." How much truth there is to that, who knows? But we do know that if there's one thing these Jersey girls like, it's their material things. We also found out that Joe and Melissa got married shortly after meeting -- like a few months after meeting. And it was hot off the heels of a string of girlfriends for Joe, including one cancelled engagement. Make what you want of that, but it is somewhat interesting, as we've peeled back another layer of what is the complex onion of Joe Gorga.

The B story of this episode? It was Caroline Manzo and the first day at her radio talk show. Bo-ring! I really don't need to regale her experience for you, as you can imagine it perfectly on your own. Tough love from the Jersey mama bear, blah, blah, blah.

The episode ended with an amuse bouche of what's to come with the conversation between Melissa and Teresa. Both ladies, understandably, look stand-offish to one another, and although fisticuffs didn't break out, it's anything but a love fest. And judging by the previews from next week, it's only going to get more tense. Thank God, because after waiting three episodes for Teresa and her brother to talk, we could use a little more drams.

Whose side are you on? Teresa's or Joe's and Melissa's?


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