Latest Amy Winehouse Meltdown Is Our Fault (VIDEO)

There was a time, not so long ago, that Amy Winehouse was considered cool. Right around the time my daughter was born, she had just released Back to Black, was at the top of the charts and was actually the first "date night" my husband and I had after our new baby. My, how the mighty have fallen.

Now, she is far more famous for her eating disorders, drinking and drug binges than she ever was for her music and at a concert in Serbia, where people paid about $57-- in a country where average salaries are about $428 a month -- to hear her sing, she started the European part of her public tour of shame by slurring her words, stumbling about and wandering away to the boos, hisses and jeers of the crowd.

Winehouse recently spent a week at a rehab program in London, but clearly she needs more and no amount of "no, no, no" can convince me otherwise. It is irresponsible to allow her to keep this up and she may actually die if it continues. See below:




Her 2006's Back to Black, won her five Grammy Awards, but her music has been overshadowed by drug use and run-ins with the law. It is time to say enough is enough. It is not cute or funny and she is destroying her life. We are letting her do it, too.

No more concerts should be booked (or money wasted). No more albums should be purchased or made until this woman is back on the right track. These public meltdowns happen all too often, but Winehouse's seems to be endless. These antics have been going on for five years and rather than help her, most would rather boo her at concerts or write funny blog posts about what a hot mess she is.

There is no reason we should play such a large role in this person's undoing. She is screaming for help and all her handlers are doing is trying to make more money from her. If we don't buy her tickets or her albums until she gets better, then they won't put her up on stage like a puppet and maybe she will actually get better.

If not, the results could be very frightening.

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