Hilarious & Free Ecards to Crack Dad Up on Father's Day

Father's Day is today (June 19) peeps and if you (uh, like me) also have not had the chance to get around to getting dad so much as a neck tie, then you will also enjoy these free Ecards that will make dad smile and then you can say:

"I have waited weeks to send this to you!" He may just buy it. Or, maybe not, since he probably knows you well enough to know you are a procrastinator (and a liar, to boot). But never mind all that.

Last I checked, it was still the thought that counts, so here are 5 Free Father's Day Ecards that will make dad laugh until he forgets that his child put off his gift until the last minute. Or maybe you have a barbecue planned for this afternoon. It's still a nice way to tell dad he is on your mind.

Here they are:


Dad's Life Card from American Greetings: I sent this one to my hubby last night and I am not sure whether he was laughing or crying. "I am such a cliche (minus the lawn)!" Well, yes. But that is what makes this so darn funny. Dad will laugh and if he lives in the suburbs, will almost certainly see his life in this one.

"Thanks for putting up with me" from Cerebral Itch: This one sends dad some love (and thanks) for not kicking you out in the teenage years even when he should have. If you were a tough teen (like most of us) then this is the card for you.

World's greatest dad from Some Ecards: This one will make a dad with a subversive sense of humor smile. "You are the world's greatest dad although my frame of reference is limited." It's funny because it's true!

"Solitude" card from Some Ecards: If you (like me) are away from your dad, this one is a hilarious way to say it. It may not be a gift, but it sure is hilarious and (sort of) thoughtful.

Soppy Dad from eCards: This one is both hilarious and sweet at the same time. It gives dad three reasons to love him, two of which are silly and one of which is very real, indeed.

Happy Father's Day to all the awesome men who have set the bar so very high for all of us ladies. I have been lucky enough to have two great grandfathers, a dynamic dad and a wonderful husband. I have a lot of Ecards to send!

Are you using any of these?


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