Oprah Should Leave O.J. Simpson Alone

O.J. Simpson

Just nary a month after Oprah Winfrey ended her show and supposedly moved on to a less visible chapter in her life and mine, she's back with a startling revelation: Her unfulfilled dream to get O.J. Simpson to confess murder to her. I am just so disappointed in Oprah for this -- and I'm not talking about her promising she was going away forever.

No, what's most upsetting is her admitting this was her dream in the first place. Maybe 15 years ago this would have made sense. But can I get a show of hands of people who really want to see that whole horrible mess relived in the papers and web over and over again just so Oprah can show us how awesome she is with the side perk of improving the ratings of her struggling TV network?

Those poor families went through enough. And not for nothing he's not gonna confess. He's a liar and a scumbag. He's in jail -- not for murder -- but at least for something.


But Oprah cannot let it lie. This would be a huge ratings save. Yet that's only part of it.

This stunt -- yet another stunt -- isn't entirely about eking a confession from O.J., to right wrongs, seek the truth and justice being served -- all in the name of ratings. Once again, it's about Oprah. She wants one more feather in her cap, still wants that power, to be known as the person who can do the impossible, to get the world's most elusive murderer to tell her something that he hasn't and won't tell anybody else.

Would the families, his children, the ones he's hurt like that? Would it help them find peace and closure? Maybe. Or maybe they have accepted it and moved on. O.J. is 64 now. He's in jail serving a 33-year sentence for robbery and kidnapping in Nevada, but his parole is coming up in a couple of years. Oprah knows that. O.J. certainly knows that, and does she think a liar is going to just say what the heck and throw any chance of freedom out the window, even for confessor and savior Oprah?

I think we all know him and his character well enough to know the answer to that.

Oh, Oprah, I can think of SO many other beneficial things you can be doing in your retirement, like all of those foundations and charities you are constantly reminding us about. So please do all of us a favor and leave justice to the justice system. It may not always work the way it's supposed to, but karma does and something tells me O.J. will get his -- if not in this world then in the next one.


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