8 Celebrity Do-Gooders Who Have Made a Difference

angelina jolieAngelina Jolie is at it again. The plump-lipped actress, who serves as Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, is in Turkey this week visiting Syrian refugees. With her, she brings toys, desserts, and a translator to talk to the Syrian people. Talk about a super momma, eh?

I don't know about you, but I'd much rather hear about celebrities doing good things than bad. Sure, I love my fair share of Lindsay Lohan court drama -- but at the end of the day, humanitarianism is so much more hip, don't you think?

You go, Angie! In the spirit of giving back, let's take a look at these 7 other celebrity do-gooders:


Brad Pitt: OK, so the other half of Brangelina is sort of a given, but Brad is just as much a humanitarian as his superstar honey. Mr. Smith himself has helped rebuild hurricane-ravaged New Orleans with his "Make It Right" Foundation.

Shakira: From the get-go of her music career, Colombian diva Shakira has used her stardom to help those in need. The singer founded The Barefoot Foundation (Fundacion Pies Descalzos), which aims to educate displaced children in Colombia.

Leonardo DiCaprio: As one of the highest grossing stars in Hollywood, it's good to see DiCaprio donating his money and his time to many worldly causes. Most recently, everyone's favorite Titanic star donated $1 million in support of the World Wildlife Fund Save Tigers Now campaign.

Madonna: This toned momma is very passionate about the fight against HIV/AIDS and founded the non-profit organization "Raising Malawi" in 2006, which provides vulnerable children and caregivers in the third world country with clothing, shelter, food, and education. The star has adopted two children, David and Chifundo, from the country as well. 

Forest Whitaker: Following in Jolie's footsteps, Whitaker was recently appointed as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. The actor was offered the position, which he will officially start Tuesday, in recognition of his commitment to humanitarian projects like the film Better Angels, which followed the efforts of Ugandan child soldiers.

George Clooney: Ahhh, everyone's favorite philanthropist. I could never forget the news of Clooney's near-death experience (read: he was fine, phew!) with malaria after visiting Sudan to lend his support to a referendum in the South. Guess next time he heads to Africa, he'll remember to take the malaria pills!

Sean Penn: After the 7.0 Haiti earthquake in January 2010, Penn, like many other celebrities, wanted to lend a helping hand. However, the five-time Oscar nominee went a bit more above and beyond. Penn spent a majority of the last year living in a tent in the island nation, serving as a camp manager in a makeshift city. Really, I'm just in awe.

Who's your favorite celebrity do-gooder?


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