Rob Zombie Sells Out Horror Fans With New Ad (VIDEO)

As an avid horror fan, I love me some Rob Zombie. I know, for the most part, the rocker turned filmmaker does not take himself too seriously and hey, that's really cool and all, but did he really have to sell out so egregiously with his latest venture -- a commercial for Woolite? Oh yes, ladies and gents, that's Woolite. As in the laundry detergent you use to hand wash your lingerie.

Did you ever think you would see Woolite and Rob Zombie in the same sentence? And yet, it works. It totally works! Could it be that horror -- once the exclusive genre of those of us with stomachs of steel and a taste for the macabre -- could be going mainstream? Say it isn't so!

Rob Zombie is probably more famous for his skills at terrifying us all than getting his whites even whiter, but this is a man who can sell me on a story about a demented serial killer whose only goal in life is to stalk his sister. So why can't he sell me Woolite, too? See below:


Are you scared?

Now, the likelihood that this will see the air is pretty low as it is scary (ish). For fans of the genre and fans of Zombie in general, you will recognize his style. The ad's message is: "Don't torture your clothes with detergents." Kind of brilliant. And the ad has gone viral, natch.

It's a funny and creative ad, but it also sends a message to hard-core horror fans and that is this: Move over. We are going mainstream. Maybe horror was always mainstream, but some of it -- and Zombie in particular in his House of 1,000 Corpses days -- felt especially subversive.

He terrified people, put them on edge, made films about serial killer families who got off on murder and destruction. And now he sells Woolite. As a fan of Rob Zombie, I am happy he is getting work, but I weep for the genre as it is literally being put through the wringer.

So long hard core, hello mainstream. Will Zombie be doing episodes of Goosebumps next?

What do you think of this ad?


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