Rebecca Black Deserves to Get Rich on Her Crappy Song

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Just when you thought Rebecca Black, singer of the YouTube "Friday" hit/flop (depending), and her extra-long 15 minutes of fame were about up -- you know, after her YouTube video racked up more than 160 million views and she started raking in about $24,900 a week on track sales and her song was performed on the hit show Glee and she got a hefty cameo in Katy Perry's newest video -- her video has been removed from YouTube. Oh, folks, this can only mean one thing.

Rebecca Black wants to get PAID! Some more!


Earlier this week, Rebecca Black's YouTube video "Friday" was moved behind a paywall, and users were asked to pay a whopping $2.99 to access it. Yeah, right! Half the reason that video went viral in the first place was because it was FREE. Free for people to enjoy but more so, free to mercilessly rip apart. It wasn't long before someone came to their senses and the video was back up on YouTube for free. However, now it's gone again.

TMZ is reporting that, indeed Rebecca's people filed the Take Down notice with YouTube and that a fight over Rebecca's image has ensued -- specifically between Rebecca and Ark Music, who ran the YouTube account that hosted the "Friday" video. Sounds like Ark was behind the paywall switcheroo, which totally ticked off the Rebecca Black camp.

I'm not sure what's going on, but you can't blame Black. She has every right to the copyright on possibly the most lucrative homemade music video of all time. Why should anyone else profit off it? I mean, the poor girl endured its intense and humiliating release -- people were crazy mean about this video -- and stuck it out long enough to get "fame revenge" via her hookups with Glee and Katy Perry.

No matter how insane we might think it is that someone without a whole lot of talent CAN profit from such crap, I do think her no-talent should be hers and all hers. She should own and profit off every right to that crappy song that there is. And geez, let's just admit for once and for all that if she can make people pay her for that really bad song in the first place, then she's a frickin' genius in her own right.

Do you think Rebecca Black deserves to get paid for her song?


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