Kim Kardashian Should Be Married By Monday

kim kardashian kris humphriesWord is Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries could be getting hitched this weekend! The evidence for Father's Day "I do"s abounds. For instance, Khloe and hubby Lamar registered the Monday before their wedding, and as we already know, Kim registered this past Monday for $172K worth of home goods. (This fam doesn't give their guests much time to buy gifts, huh?) Kim also had her hair cut and thinned out this week, in prep for hair extensions, and you know that she wouldn't be getting them so far out, because they only look their best when fresh. And it seems tuxes and dresses could all be in order by now. And those are just a few hints. Yow! I'm practically convinced!

Although we can't know for sure what will happen this weekend, Kim would be wise to get married sooner rather than later for at least seven reasons.

  1. A fast turnaround would fit with the theme of Kim and Kris' relationship. They only dated for six months before getting engaged. (I know, I know, Khloe and Lamar did it even faster, but in either case, it's incredibly fast!)
  2. It would also limit how much time paparazzi had to spend stalking them.
  3. But, on the other hand, KK and KH are in the spotlight in a big way right now, what with the new season of Keeping Up and all the buzz about the wedding. If they get hitched sooner, they could have a better shot at selling the wedding pics for mucho dinero.
  4. Speedier "I do"s would further serve to prove that Kim's interested in being with and being faithful to Kris. In other words, it might help to dampen any buzz that she's been or plans to be unfaithful
  5. Heck, it would lay a lot of rumors to rest -- like the latest one that the Humphries are trying to get Kris to re-think the marriage.
  6. She could get a quicker start on getting preggers and popping out mini Ks.
  7. There's also the theory she is already pregnant with a mini K, so a shotgun wedding could be just what the erm ... doctor ordered?

It seems like everything is in place for these kids to tie the knot. And clearly, there are more reasons for them to say "I do" this weekend -- or soon! -- than not to, so hopefully they go for it!

Do you think Kim & Kris could be getting married this weekend? Do you agree they would be wise to get hitched sooner rather than later?


Image via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

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