Elizabeth Hurley Will Never Get It Right With Men

elizabeth hurleyAfter four long, grueling years of marriage, Elizabeth Hurley and businessman Arun Nayar have gotten divorced. In other news, there have been reports that the sky is blue. Shocking gossip, or shossip, here.

For those of you who slept in through a few lectures of Hurley 101, allow me to give you a brief crash course before the final. (Note: There might be an essay on high-slitted Versace gowns, but you didn't hear it from me.) Elizabeth and Arun married in 2007. Their love seemed really real because they had two weddings -- one a traditional Indian, the other in an English castle. Then Elizabeth was caught shacking up at a hotel room with cricket player Shane Warne. Now Elizabeth and Shane are officially an item. But Elizabeth and Arun's marriage had to go bye-bye.


I gotta say, I don't feel bad for Elizabeth one bit. What kinda crap is this? Messing around after four years of marriage? Damn, baby girl. Cheating isn't right under any circumstances, but sheesh, at least wait 'til the body's cold. And just between you and me -- nobody's around, right? -- I have a sneaking suspicion that four years into her marriage is when Elizabeth got caught cheating, not when the tryst began.

You'd think Elizabeth of all people would know what it feels like to be treated like crap, what with Hugh Grant's hooker-loving ways. Didn't that suck, Elizabeth? It probably felt really awful, right? Especially since you were publicly humiliated and all. Now here you are, years later, doing the same thing, you dirty little birdie.

I know you and Shane are together now and think you're all in love, but a little prediction for you: It's not gonna last. Relationships that start off sneaky do not have a good foundation. And as for my advice to you? Just stay out of relationships period for a while. They don't seem to work on you. Unlike those Versace dresses.

What do you think of Elizabeth Hurley cheating on her husband?


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