'Game of Thrones' Sean Bean Toughs It Out in Real-Life 'Sword' Fight

sean bean'Tis only a flesh wound! I can almost hear Game of Thrones star Sean Bean shrugging off his recent stabbing in front of a London bar thusly. What else would you expect from Ned Stark, a man who barely flinched at his own beheading? Apparently 52-year-old Bean and his maybe-girlfriend 22-year-old model April Summers (uh, pick a season?) were having a smoke outside a pub when Summers' maybe ex-boyfriend spotted the couple and flipped out, punching Bean in the face, then stabbing him in the arm with a broken glass. How did Bean react? By refusing to go to the hospital, of course.


Bean did accept a first-aid kit offered by the bar's staff (even flesh wounds need some Neosporin and a Band-Aid, after all), but once he cleaned up, he went straight back into the pub and ordered another drink. That's the way it's done, boys! Oh, and did I forget to mention the reason the stabber got all mad in the first place was that Bean confronted the guy for making rude comments about Summers as he walked by? Tough as chain mail, and chivalrous, too. My only criticism of Bean's behavior is the fact that he was hanging out with that tacky playmate-looking chick in the first place. If only he'd known I was available, this whole mess could have been avoided entirely. For future reference, Sean (I can call you Sean, right?), I like going to pubs! I may not be 22 years old but I'm still a significantly younger woman!

Would you like to be Sean Bean's date for his next pub crawl?


Image via HBO

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