Joss Stone Isn't the Only Celebrity People Want to Kidnap & Kill

The events that unfolded outside Joss Stone's rural England home yesterday make you realize why so many celebrities pay for a security detail: she was nearly robbed and killed by two men with macabre plans to get their hands on her $14 million fortune.

After neighbors noticed two men casing the area, police nabbed the would-be robbers and found that they were carrying detailed maps and photos of Stone's property. Not only that, they were armed with swords, rope, forensic-style overalls, and a body bag.

Whatever they were planning to do to the young British soul singer, it sure doesn't sound good. Lucky for her, they're now busted under the initial charge of "possession of offensive weapons and being equipped to steal."

Stone isn't the only celeb whose money has lured criminals out of the woodwork in recent years—here's a list of familiar stars and the bizarre plots hatched against them:


Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt. Back in 2007, news broke of a Vietnamese gang's attempt to kidnap Jolie/Pitt's adopted son Pax, who was 3 at the time. According to some reports, the gang's L.A. operatives were working on a plan to grab the boy and demand $100 million for his safe return. 

David Letterman. The late-night talk show host was the target of a $5 million kidnap plot in 2005. His house painter, Kelly Frank, was arrested after he blabbed to a friend about how he was going to abduct Letterman's then 16-month-old son, Harry Joseph, and the nanny.

Victoria Beckham. Five men were arrested in 2002 for plotting to kidnap Victoria Beckham, but were released and their charges were dropped after prosecutors said a key witness's evidence was unreliable. Oddly, that wasn't her first major criminal scare: in 2000 a gang tried to snatch Victoria and Brooklyn, then 8 months old, and hold them at a house in Hampstead, north London.

Jon Cryer. In 2010, the FBI investigated a truly weird allegation that Cryer's ex-wife Sarah Trigger had asked her then boyfriend Eddie Sanchez to kill the Two and a Half Men star, along with her estranged husband, David Dickey.

Are you surprised to hear about what nearly happened to Joss Stone? 


Image via Flickr/Patrick Hamberg

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