'16 and Pregnant' Recap: Taylor Got Robbed

All the moms are too young on 16 and Pregnant, but Taylor on Tuesday night's episode was by far the youngest, both chronologically and in terms of maturity. At 15, she was too young to drive, vote, drink, and do just about anything. But she isn't too young to have a baby. And that is so, so wrong.

It was hard not to wonder how her mom -- who once gave up a baby for adoption at 17 -- couldn't have more of a say in what her daughter and her daughter's 16-year-old boyfriend did with that baby. The fact is, Aubri was a beautiful, perfect baby and, had they given her up for adoption, all three of the "kids" (which is what Taylor and Nathan are, too) would have lives. 

Simply put: Taylor's mother should have pushed for adoption much, much harder and not have allowed her to keep the baby.


That may sound harsh, but in this case, it is. I get that the mom was in a tough spot and I get that, ultimately, the woman should make her own choice. But Taylor isn't a woman. She is a child. And she needed someone to step in and say what needed to happen.

At the end of the episode, Taylor talked about missing high school and how those are the best years of life and she missed them, but she is missing so, so much more than that. When I think back to when I was 15 (more than 17 years ago), it's hard to imagine missing all the things that happened after -- high school, college, meeting my husband, grad school, traveling the world together. By the time we had our first child when I was 28/29, we were so very ready.

Taylor will miss all of that. At 15 she hasn't experienced anything. She is being deprived of an entire portion of her childhood just because she didn't have responsible sex.

On top of that, Aubri deserves better parents. No parent is prepared when they take their first baby home, whether they're 15 or 45, but I found myself cringing while Taylor bathed the baby. I honestly felt she wasn't responsible enough to do all those little things on her own.

You're not full developed at 15. I don't care how mature you are (and Taylor really wasn't), there is no 15-year-old who is truly ready to be a parent and for whom a baby would actually be a good thing. Baby Aubri deserves to be a "blessing" and Taylor deserves to finish out her childhood. Giving everything up in order to raise a baby seems a high price to pay for a bad sexual decision, especially when there were other options.

Taylor's mom should have been more vehement about this. As a minor, Taylor probably needed her mom to still do many things for her, which her mom could have used as an opportunity to push her daughter the other way. She wasn't a bad mom by any stretch, but a 15-year-old shouldn't be a mother, and her mom could have and should have been more clear about that.

The whole episode just made me very, very sad. Even the best case scenario for Taylor is still depressing.

Did this upset you?


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