A Single Pippa Middleton Is Good for the World

pippa middletonWe all knew it was coming. The rumor mill was unleashed the moment Pippa Middleton sashayed her almost rear-of-the-year down the royal red carpet. Perhaps you've heard, perhaps you haven't: Pippa Middleton and her hunky hunkaroo boyfriend Alex Loudon reportedly broke up. And the reason is exactly what you think it is.

The Duchess of Cambridge's younger sis is too big for that chump now. Ever since her McQueen-clad royal debut, Pippa has had the entire male population kissing her British bum. Of course she's going to want to go off and sample other goods. She's only human. Let's just hope she's smart, though. Let's just hope she doesn't immediately jump into a relationship with the first rich, handsome man who courts her.


Right now, Pippa is experiencing a once-in-a-lifetime thing. The world is at her mercy. She could do anything she wants, go anywhere she pleases, and date anyone she likes. To settle down now -- and to deny thineself all the other awesome stuff/dudes -- is just foolish. Have fun, be young, wear frilly shorts, have your photo taken.

The world is your oyster right now, Pippa. And that oyster likes you single. It's more fun to see you out and about with a man who might be or mightn't be. We want to speculate about who you're going to date next, we don't want to see it. Plus, if you settle down now, who knows the fun we you could miss out on?

Truth be told, I trust my girl, Pip. I don't think she's going to get hot and heavy with anyone just yet. In fact, it sounds like she's holding out for a prince charming of her own. According to The Sun, the Mini Middleton is actually fancying herself a bit of a royal in her own right these days. And you know how they do things: They wait a long time to commit.

Do you think Pippa Middleton should stay single for a bit?


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