Teresa Giudice's Bad Behavior Puts 'Real Housewives' in Danger

teresa gorgaIt's addictive as all dog poop, but no one ever said Bravo was the classiest of networks. Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is currently being sued for a drunken bar brawl she, husband Joe, and the brothers  Manzo were a part of. Bravo is also being called out in the suit for "fostering hostility and violence in order to attract viewers." Wonder if there will be a televised trial, followed by a Watch What Happens Live episode where Andy Cohen interviews himself?

I'm sure we'll get to watch every gripping moment on RHONJ, but the details you need to know are this: Teresa sprayed champagne on a bunch of innocent bystanders at a Dominican Republic hotel. They asked for her and her crew to calm down. Bystanders got knuckle sandwiches. Sounds like the stuff Bravo dreams are made of to me.


This is sort of an ethical debate for me -- and I imagine many others, as well. On one hand, who doesn't love some wildin' out in their reality shows? A flipped table here, a fisticuffs fight at a christening there -- it's captivating, albeit trashball, TV. We, as a society, are much dumber because of shows like this. And we have little, and not-so-little, kids emulating this garbage. It's a bad, bad thing. 

On the other hand, nobody talks about my Bravo like that. Single out all the crazy "Bravolebrities" you want, but don't take jabs at the reality TV heaven from which they were dropped. Of course Bravo is fostering hostility and violence. Isn't that what all reality TV shows do? Have you ever seen a little show called The Bad Girls Club on Oxygen? And what about the mother of all idiocy, Jersey Shore? I'm not saying what they're doing is right, but it's not just Bravo.

What Teresa and her idiot husband did was wrong. And I hope they have to pay all their non-existent money to make up for it. Violence is wack. But as far as Bravo goes, don't hate the player, hate the game.

Do you think it's right to blame Bravo?


Image via Bravo

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