Chelsea Handler Takes Gene Simmons by the 'Family Jewels' (VIDEO)

chelsea handler gene simmonsKiss rocker Gene Simmons (of the legendarily lengthy tongue) has been racking up the misogynistic karma for decades now, so I absolutely loved every second of watching the hairy has-been discover that karma is indeed a bitch -- and her name is Chelsea Handler!! Handler called Simmons out on everything from his ridiculous bouffant to his treatment of longtime girlfriend Shannon Tweed to his ultra-lame excuses for being a womanizer, and I swear I could hear legions of reformed groupies cheering her on from across the globe!


The best part of the interview is that whether or not Simmons realized it (and I'm guessing he didn't, on account of the flashing neon "arrogant d-bag" sign on his forehead), Handler actually offered him some extremely valuable insights. Not that Simmons would recognize "tough love" as anything not involving a hooker and a whip, but if he did by some miracle listen to Handler's advice, he might actually become a marginally less crappy person. Among Handler's bits of wisdom:

  • "You look ridiculous. I'm just looking at your hair thinking 'Wtf happened?'"
  • "You have a woman that you love and you're older now, didn't you get enough bleep out of your system?"
  • "Are you insecure? Whatever you need, give it to yourself."
  • "Oh my god, I'm so bored." (In response to Simmons' excuse that he needs Shannon Tweed to "fix" him because he's "damaged goods.")
  • "Get over it! Just get over it!" (In response to Simmons' excuse that he was an "only child.")
  • "You're okay with [Shannon] having sex with other men, right? Cause by the time I'm done with her, she's not gonna be able to walk straight."

Check out the video below. What's your favorite part of the interview?


Image via YouTube

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