Hugh Hefner Confirms His Bride Ducked Out on the Wedding

hugh hefner crystal harrisMore than 300 people expecting to attend an over-the-top celebration this coming Saturday at the Playboy Mansion could be feeling really gypped right about now. That's because, as Hugh Hefner confirmed via Twitter, his 25-year-old fiancee Crystal Harris had a change of heart. Then, she issued her own statement on her website.

Yep, just days before her vows to the 85-year-old were to take place. I guess when your fiance is a media millionaire, you can afford to be a last-minute runaway bride. 

Reportedly, the nuptials were nixed following an argument that took place over the weekend, and Harris moved out of the mansion. Wow, that must have been one crazy blow-out! (There's just one thing ... can Crystal be sure he wasn't just getting ornery like senile men tend to?)


If the big day is actually 100 percent off, and this isn't just some kind of publicity stunt or Father of the Bride-ish "blender blunder" bump in the road, then there will be no pink Romona Keveza gown, no Torrance Bakery strawberry cake. Those Papeterie invites were all for nothing, and so was all that speculation about Holly Madison losing her mind when the engagement was announced.

But you know ... if they don't say "I do," it's not really much of a loss for Crystal. It's probably more of a huge blessing in disguise. I mean, come on, Hef is Hef, sure, but did she really want to marry a twice-divorced octogenarian? Even if she did, was it really in her best interest to? Probably not. In fact, chances are the blow-up was over money. Maybe Hef told her he'd be leaving everything to his sons with his last wife, Kimberly Conrad. Maybe Hef wouldn't tell her at all about his will, and that sent her over the edge. Who knows? The truth is -- besides a lavish party and some short-lived publicity, maybe a reality show -- Crystal wasn't really going to be getting much out of this marriage.

That's why I'm personally breathing a big sigh of relief for her. Seems she came to her senses just in the nick of time!

Why do you think Crystal called off her "I do"s to Hef?

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