'True Blood' Sneak Peek Kind of Bites (VIDEO)

alexander skarsgardJune 26 is rapidly approaching, and you know what that means? True Blood! I've gotta say, I'm going into this season with caution because, in my opinion, the last one kinda sucked. Granted, we got lots of gratuitous, sexy Alexander Skarsgard scenes -- and the first two seasons were hard to top -- but the storyline and ridiculously cheesy CGI werewolf scenes were hard to swallow. 

And to be honest, after watching these here first eight minutes of the show, I think my trepidation is justified. I won't give anything away -- you can watch it or not if you like -- but it seems like such a deviation from what the show originally was. It's all fairies, and harp music, and glowing things. At around six minutes, things start to pick up, but this is not what I remember True Blood originally being.


I miss that dark, wry True Blood. The perverse True Blood that makes you feel dirty after laughing at something terribly wicked. In addition to all the fairy stuff (or is it faerie?), this clip has so much CGI, followed by cheesy reactions, that it almost seems like a totally different show. Please, let this not be an indication of what's to come.

I'll stop here, though. You can watch the clip and decide for yourself. And sorry, there's no Alexander Skarsgard in it. That's what the picture up top is for. Check it:



What do you think? Excited? Meh?


Image via HBO

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